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Ash Probe
Quick & accurate ash readings within seconds.
The Parker Bretby Gammatech Ash Probe is a hand portable instrument for measuring the ash content of piles, wagons or trucks of coal. It measures the natural gamma radiation emitted by the impurities that make up the ash content of coal (Thorium, Potassium, etc.). It does not contain a radiation source and is therefore perfectly safe and requires no special training to use. It also provides significant reductions in time delays in gaining accurate ash results.
Product Features / Benefits :
•  Simple to use, easy to calibrate
•  High resolution colour touch-screen display
•  Multi language user interface with more languages being added all the time
•  Much quicker than conventional sampling and analysis
•  Reduced sampling effort, leading to reduced costs
•  Measurement accuracy: better than 1% ash content
•  Stores data for up to 99 piles (99 samples each) or 600 wagons/trucks (12 samples each).

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