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Electronic Condensate Drains ecodrain ED series for compressed air and industrial gases
Features and Advantages
Electronic condensate drains of the ecodrain ED3000 series feature:
- Non-wearing magnetic-core level control for optimised and lossfree discharge of condensate.
- Integrated dirt screen between level measurement and drain valve to protect the diaphragm valve with alarm monitoring.
- Diaphragm valve with large cross-section and condensate pilot control for extended service life.
- Potential-free alarm contact (except ED3002, ED3004)
Non-wearing magnetic-core level control

The magnetic-core level control employs fixed switching points to operate the valve. The magnetic core signal transmitter position is detected by non-contact magnetic sensors:
- independently of the condensate type (water/oil).
- independently of the working pressure.

The collection tank integrated in the condensate drain is always used at optimum efficiency. This results in a minimised number of switching cycles and thus, in a maximum service life of the drain valve. No calibration required!

Integrated dirt screen

The dirt screen which is integrated between the level control and the drain valve:
- retains any contaminants that could damage the diaphragm valve.
- triggers an alarm, also if the screen is clogged by dirt.
- allows the drain to be cleaned easily and rapidly.

Therefore, it considerably increases the operating safety of the condensa- te drain. Since the condensate is pressed through the screen at work- ing pressure, a cleaning will normally not be necessary between maintenance intervals.

Revolving condensate inlet with additional balance option: - Condensate line can be connected from top or side.
- Simply rotate the condensate inlet and connect.

The connection for an additional vent line integrated in the top condensate inlet provides completely new con- necting options so that condensate can no longer back up into the feed lines.

Easy installation and servicing
- ED3002 can be removed together with the filter bowl remaining on.
- The drain can be removed quick- ly and easily from its place of installation.
- Servicing can be carried out in a convenient location.
- Cables to install new units can be ready-made.

Therefore, the ecodrain ED3000 series is a real contribution to pre- ventive health care and avoids pain in the knees and back.

Benefits :
• Help to protect and maintain the environment
• Efficiently separate oil and water on-site and return up
to 99.9% of the condensate to foul sewers
• Meet trade effluent discharge regulations
• Rapid payback over conventional disposal methods
• Simple to install, operate and maintain
• Helps to achieve ISO14001 Certification
* Parker ES2000 Series of static oil/water separators are designed to separate compressor oil from condensate without the use of external power. * The oil/water condensate should be removed from the compressed air system using a drainage method appropriate for the unit. * Condensate from the system will enter the oil/water separator under pressure, and is allowed to expand in the specially designed centrifugal inlet chamber.
* Liquid will drop out of the air stream as it impinges on the chamber walls of the vortex generator, draining without turbulence into the primary settlement chamber below.
* Dirt particles suspended in the condensate will settle to the bottom of the primary settlement chamber and the accumulating condensate will then flow into the main settlement tank.
* Entrained droplets of oil dispersed in the water will rise to the surface due to the lower specific gravity of the oil, eventually coalescing to form a thick layer on the surface.
* An adjustable oil funnel allows the oil to be continuously skimmed off the surface. Drained oil is collected in the external oil container where it can be disposed of according to legal requirements.
* Cleaner water taken from the bottom of the tank, flows into the carbon stage, through a pre-filter, into the top of the carbon bags.
* Any entrained droplets of oil remaining are then removed by adsorption.
* The cleaned water can now be safely discharged to the foul sewer through the outlet.

Special Features

� Single piece units � reduce overall footprint
� Robust, corrosion resistant, polyethylene construction, includes ribbing for extra strength
� Large centrifugal inlet chamber provides effective venting of compressed air energy, whilst two inlet ports and four inlet chamber positions simplify installation
� Large, easily cleaned primary settlement chamber for the accumulation and removal of dirt particles
� Large main tank increases settlement time and reduces oil carryover to carbon filter stage
� Large internal galleries reduce risk of an internal blockage and simplify maintenance
� Oil absorbing pre-filter(s) protect carbon stage from bulk contamination
� Large carbon stage for increased contact time, improving water quality and extending carbon life
� High specification carbon for improved service intervals
� Adjustable oil outlet funnel for the efficient removal of separated oil
� Sealed external oil container for easy disposal
� Sample tap removes need to disconnect outlet piping when obtaining a test sample
Hyperdrain Condensate drains
Even the smallest amount of liquid condensate, if carried through the compressed air network, can cause serious damage to apparatus and processes. It is of paramount importance that all condensate is completely removed from the compressed air circuit. The condensate drain is a vital component in any compressed air system; its role is to guarantee an efficient removal of all the condensate and impurities present within the compressed air. 50 years experience has allowed Parker Hiross to develop Hyperdrain, designed to satisfy all customer requirements.

The range comprises zero-loss electronic capacitive drains, zero-loss mechanical float drains and timed drains.Hyperdrain can be used with all components in the compressed air system.
Product Features:
• No air loss
• No risk of condensate carry-over
• Low maintenance requirements
• Alarm signal
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