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Hyperchill and Hyperfree Chillers and Drycoolers for Industrial Applications
Hyperchill and Hyperfree Chillers and Drycoolers for Industrial Applications Philosophy

Parker Hiross specialises in cooling, purification, and separation technologies, where compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and global support are paramount. We design and manufacture compressed air treatment products and cooling equipment for many key industries where ease of integration, low cost of ownership and energy saving can make the difference. Parker Hiross has been supplying industry with high efficiency products with low lifetime costs and reduced CO2 emissions since 1964. Our philosophy ‘to stand out from the crowd’ is our credo, encouraging our employees to achieve continuous improvement and satisfy customer expectations.

Applications -
Water chilling and cooling is needed in almost all areas of industry. Hyperchill and Hyperfree are particularly suitable for the textile, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, beverages, engineering, glass, laser and electronics industries in the following applications :

1. To improve the quality of the finished item and increase productivit y:
Product cooling: plastic, rubber, aluminium, steel & similar materials, foodstuffs, paints, gases.
2. To increase safety and control :
Process cooling: air, combustion fumes, solvents, contact surfaces, work surfaces.
3. To prevent overheating, wear and loss of production and increase operator safety :
Machine cooling : direct or indirect (cooling oil temperature control).
4. Ambient cooling : cold rooms, air conditioning, electrical panels, cooling tunnels.
5. Drying (in combination with aftercoolers) of: compressed air, technical and biogases, control air, chemical/pharmaceutical products, paints.
6. Other applications : temperature control of baths, ovens, chemical reactors, special applications.
Compressed Air filters
Water Separator
Oil Vapour Removal Filter
Process Filters
Auto Drain Valves
Desiccant Air Dryer
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Membrane Dryer
Nitrogen Generators
Hydrogen Generator
Zero Air Generators
Lab Genrator
Hyperchill and Hyperfree Chillers and Drycoolers for Industrial Applications
Breathing Air Purifier
PCO2 Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems
SMOG HOG Industrial Filtration Systems
Dust Filters
Angle Body Valves
Diaphragm Valve
Sinclair Collin Valves
Namur Valves
Ball valve with Actuator
Seals & O-rings
Seamless Tubes
Pneumatic Actuators
Pneumatic Valves
Ash Probes
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