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P1Q Series Global Compact Cylinders

P1Q Compact Cylinder
Parker’s P1Q series cylinders provide an economical, compact design suited for a variety of applications. With its modular flexibility and low cost price point, the P1Q will provide the ideal solution machine builders need today. The P1Q series has 10 bore sizes and standard stroke ranges from 5mm – 100mm. Both male and female rod end options and magnetic or non-magnetic construction can be specified.
Also, threaded through holes are the standard mounting option, and 4 additional modular mounting configurations are available.
The P1Q provides quieter operation due to its build in bumpers, which are standard on all bore sizes. Included in
bore sizes 40mm – 100mm is a piston wear band providing superior life.

Sensors and Accessories
When piston sensing is needed, the integrated switch grooves provide flexible mounting of any combination of NPN, PNP, and reed sensors with flying leads, M8, or M12 cord options within the Parker P8S Global Sensor Family. For rod end accessories, when a male rod is specified, both rod clevis and rod eye accessories are available.

Pneumatic Cylinders
ISO cylinder family, P1D
A completely new cylinder range from the ground up, with major investment in research, material and technology, demands long experience and major resources. When we developed our P1D cylinder range, we started from scratch, but not really. Decades of research and learning about what our customers really need world-wide has given us a very stable foundation to start from. P1D is a cylinder design of the highest possible quality, every detail has been thought through, without making any compromises. It has a large number of innovations which could only be achieved by using the best possible materials and methods. The result is a complete family of ISO/VDMA cylinders, of which we are very proud. P1D is a high technology cylinder design for just about every conceivable application, both simple and highly complex.

Air bellows are the ideal choice for applications requiring short stroke, high thrust single acting actuators.Manufactured from fabric reinforced synthetic rubber in one, two or three convolutions according to stroke and model. They incorporate no reciprocating metal parts and so provide virtually frictionless thrust compared with conventional pneumatic cylinders.All models are single acting only. The return stroke is provided in part by the natural spring action of the bellows but more usually by the load itself.The simplicity of construction provides and extremely long, virtually maintenance-free service life even under arduous conditions.

OSP-P Series Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders and Guides
Stainless steel cylinders
Parker Pneumatic‘s range of stainless steel cylinders has been specially designed for use in difficult environments. Hygienic design, external seals of fluorianted rubber and prelubrication with our food-industry-approved grease according to USDA-H1 make the cylinders particularly suitable for food industry use. All cylinders have magnetic pistons for proximity position sensing. Fixing dimensions to ISO 6431/6432 simplify installation and make the cylinders physically interchangeable throughout the world.
Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders Series OSP-P
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