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The 6 patents awarded to the Moduflex Valve System reflect that innovation is core to the Parker design process. Maintaining a clear understanding of our customer’s expectations has defined the individuality of the Moduflex, and clearly differentiated it as a leading automation solution.

No other system can be adapted so simply once specified. Unique,captive fitting release system, quick release electrical connectors and single mechanical screw connection between manifolds offer the ultimate capability for late system design changes.

From stand-alone valves to fieldbus ready valve islands, from cylinder flow controls to vacuum generators with integrated blow- off, the Moduflex Valve System meets the requirements of the whole automation spectrum.

An As-i compatible valve manifold with 8 electrical inputs and 8 pneumatic outputs weighs a mere 800grams, making the Moduflex Valve System the perfect choice for end of arm tooling application.

High performance directional control valves

electricalactuationwithawidechoiceofsubbasesandmanifolds tosuitdifferentapplicationneeds.

Ceramic technology
All ISOMAX products use high-tech ceramic switching technology:

Excellent Reliability
Long life in excess of 100million operations*.
Operates with lubricated or nonlubricated air.
Low sensitivity to air quality changes;switching without seal.Stiction free.

High Performance
Slide valve concept allows high flow / size ratio and short response time due to short slide stroke and low friction.

Stable long lasting performances
Low friction switching:minimum wear of the valve member/seal assembly.

Poppet Valves
Utilising the well proven poppet principle to give high flow rates with short valve travel, both the 2/2 and 3/2 valves in the range are available in G 3/8" and G1/2" port sizes. This means that each actuator is available in four configurations i.e. 3/8" ports 2/2 or 3/2 and G1/2" ports 2/2 or 3/2. All valves are normally closed.

The bodies are of block from construction for ease of mounting. Springs are stainless steel; internal seals being of nitrile rubber. The 2/2 body allows air in one direction only, 3/2 versions having the facility of exhausting air through the actuator unit. This exhause vent is unthreaded on all valves except the pilot and solenoid tyoes which allows the piping away of exhaust air. All mechanisms are spring returned.

Intermediate Spool Valve

Directional Control Valves G1/4
3/2, 5/2, 3/3, 5/3 Spool Valves G1/4 Ports

This quality and proven range of valves feature a block form zinc diecast body passivated to prevent corrosion and designed to allow complete interchangeability of actuators and return mechanisms. The stainless steel spool is sealed by synthetic viton 'O' rings, with unique seal spacers to ensure full air flow through the open parts. Non corrosive materials are used on all operating parts exposed to the working fluid.

Individual valves may be mounted in any position, the block form construction in particularly convenient for compact banking. Valves may be serviced in-situ by removal of the actuator, facilitating extraction of the spool and 'O' rings.

PVL Inline Valves
• High flow, compact size
• Push-in or threaded connection
• DIN rail or block mounting
• Light weight construction
• Inline stand alone or stackable version
• Available in 2 x 3/2 - 5/3 (PVL-B/C)
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